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Taptu and Esendex team up

Posted by Admin on November 24, 2008

Esendex has signed a deal with Taptu that means it provides the SMS network for Taptu users to share mobile content with their friends.

Taptu ( calls itself “a new, free, mobile search engine”, that allows users to search for mobile content. Once searched for and found, many people want to share it with friends and this is where Esendex ( comes in – providing the reliability of service so that Taptu users can be confident the messages they send reach their friends.

Lynsey Tucker, who is the Head of Commercial at Taptu, said: “Our users demand that what they share will be received, so its essential we have a confidence in our SMS partner. We chose Esendex as it has direct links to the five major UK mobile operators and the service is proven, reliable and effective.”

I spoke to Adam Bird of Esendex about the deal and he said: “The value to the user of the Taptu service is well documented. The key thing we do is make sure the SMS piece works seamlessly. Any failure in the process degrades the value to the end user.”

But, now that Taptu is using Esendex there won’t be any failure in the process.


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