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No delay on your camera phone

Posted by Admin on November 20, 2008

Cameras are one of the most popular functions on a mobile. People love to take a quick snap when they’re out and they love to show off pictures down the pub. For me, it’s all about taking pictures of my son doing something cute. But there’s nothing worse than pressing the button … and waiting … and when the phone finally decides to take the picture my son has run out of shot.

Scalado thinks that it has solved that problem and is announcing ‘The Scalado Camera solution’ which it claims to offer zero shutter-lag.

As Sami Niemi, the CTO of Scalado says, “camera phone users can finally take memorable photos instead of missing the moment.”

It’s still all theoretical at the moment and it needs handset manufacturers to put the technical into their handsets, but it should be good when they do. I mean what’s the point of an 8mp camera if what you capture in very fine detail the back of your son’s head?


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