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Mobile messaging more than doubles year on year

Posted by Admin on November 18, 2008

VeriSign and its Messaging and Mobile Media Division has released some interesting numbers about mobile messaging. The one that caught my eye in particular was that in Q3 2008 it has facilitated an average of about 634 million messages per day, compared to an average of 280 million per day in Q3 2007.

Let me just say that again … 634 million messages per day.

In fact VeriSign reports that it’s network set some records in the last quarter. On September 5th 2008 a total of 702 million messages were sent over a 24-hour period, and at one stage a record of 48 million within a one-hour period.

In the press release they mention that Q3 ’08 started to see some new trends in messaging, particularly using mobile messages for political reasons (as we’ve discussed, President-Elect Obama used them a lot), sending messages for donations to charity and enterprises using mobile messages much more.

There’s also a nice quote from Charles Landry, vice president and general manager, products and innovation, for VeriSign’s Messaging and Mobile Media division (wow, long title – does he need specially designed business cards?). Anyway he said:

“Mobile messaging isn’t just a technology, it’s a behavior – a cultural shift, it has become an instrument of social and political change, philanthropy, and, to a growing extent, a great business practice for reaching out to customers.”


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