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Posted by Admin on November 18, 2008

I went along to Carsonified‘s Future of Mobile event yesterday (they also had some workshops today).

It was a good day, some really interesting speakers, some less so, but a lot of thoughts, ideas, views and opinions on the mobile industry. I’m hoping to write a bit more about it in the future, but there were 3 people that said things that particularly resonated with me:

Doug Richards of Trutap talked about the ’emerging middle class in the emerging markets’ being a key driver to growth and innovation. He quoted some phenomenal numbers (which of course I didn’t write down) about the number of people in places like India and Brazil who are getting there first ever mobile phone, yet who would consider themselves middle class within their own economy.

Helen Keegan of Beep Marketing (or you can see her blog here) in the 6×6 bloggers session urged the audience to pay a bit more attention to the consumers and not just the technology. She gave some good examples of individuals within her own family of users that know what they want from their phones and just get on with using them in that way – and let’s be honest we all know people (and by that I mean real consumers) whose eyes glaze over if we start talking about what their phone ‘could do’.

And Jonathan MacDonald from Ogilvy stood on stage and swore at us a lot, exhorting the industry to remember privacy, permission and preferences when dealing with users. I think it was Jonathan who said that if mobile advertising, for example, is delivered properly using the 3 Ps then people see it as content and are happy to receive.

The other bloggers in the 6×6 session were really good too (Andrew Grill, Vero Pepperrell, James Whately, Jemima Kiss and Ewan MacLeod) and I enjoyed the panel session hosted by Ewan MacLeod at the end.


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