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Washington DC starts emergency text scheme

Posted by Admin on November 14, 2008

A new scheme has been launched in Washington DC that will allow the police to send test messages or emails containing real-time crime information to local businesses. Washington had the 5th highest crime rate of any US city in 2007 and so a scheme like this is designed to help reduce those numbers.

I got this from OhMyGov! and they have an interview with Marla Moran from the company behind the scheme, which you can read here.

She did reveal two interesting facts about the trial period that it was running for. The first is that two criminals were arrested as a result of the scheme and that 98% of the businesses in the area signed up to receive the alerts.

Obviously, it’s not all about receiving messages and as Marla Moran says: “You can respond to the email or SMS with text and/or pictures.”

According to the report the total cost of the scheme would be about $250,000.


2 Responses to “Washington DC starts emergency text scheme”

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  2. […] the police’s use of text messages to help them in the fight against crime (for example in Washington DC, or to stop cocaine users). Well now police in Hyderbad, India have joined in and will be sending […]

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