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New phone for ‘seniors’

Posted by Admin on November 13, 2008

A new phone has been launched targeted at older users. It’s called the ClarityLife C900 and comes with a ringtone which is twice as loud as normal phones, only 4 large buttons on the front and a one-touch emergency button on the back.

It’s being made by Clarity, which is a division of Plantronics and is currently being sold online in the US for $269.99. It’s being sold sim-free and the website even has a helpful description of how to buy a pay-as-you-go sim for it.

I always used to be a little bit surprised that there aren’t more phones which are targeted at specific demographics. These could be either ergonomically designed to fit small / fat / arthritic fingers (delete as appropriate) or designed with certain features and applications that appeal to key demographics.

I always used to be, but that was a few years ago. Nowadays there are so many phones on the market that you’d have thought that there was something for everyone. But Clarity feel that this is a targetable market.

Vodafone did something similar in the UK about 3 years ago with their Simple range of handset made by Sagem – but just seemed to fade away. What is true of demographics is that in the western world people are getting older and older. As more people want / need phones in that demographic you’d have thought that the market exists. However, most of those people would be used to the feature-rich phones they could use before their eyesite failed. Will they want one like this? We’ll have to see if this just dies away like the Vodafone Simple range.


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