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Text to stop knife crime

Posted by Admin on November 12, 2008

At the moment the blog seems to be all about crime. If it’s not guns or cocaine, it’s knives.

Samantha, the resident student blogger, has posted an interesting story at Mobile Industry Review (read it here) about a new service allowing people to anonymously report people carrying a knife. As Samantha says:

“The beauty of this service is the anonymity that comes along with it. On the poster we’re told that the number is scrambled, and therefore can’t be traced so no one can reply, and whatever happens as a consequence, the texter cannot be held accountable for it.”

So far, Samantha has seen posters and business cards at her school to advertise the initiative.

It seems like a good way to access the ‘yoof’ – giving them a quick and easy shortcode to report anyone to. And as with any of these types of schemes – if it saves just one life …

I’ll let Samantha have the last word:

“So I have to applaud the common-sense which has finally kicked in, and I hope that someone uses it.”


One Response to “Text to stop knife crime”

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