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Blyk to help fight gun crime

Posted by Admin on November 11, 2008

As part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Trident – a move to try and stop gun crime on the streets of London – Blyk will be sending out messages to its subscribers, offering the chance to download 60-second ads from MTV featuring some most influential black role models and also persuading them to visit the website.

The messages from Blyk are part of a wider initiative that includes MTV, MySpace, Choice FM and Kiss FM. Between them they hope to get the message across to London’s [primarily] black youth that, “Picking up a gun or a knife always makes a situation worse never better.

The role models involved will include MOBO winner Estelle, Olympic boxer James DeGale, Apprentice winner Tim Campbell, Laban Roomes from the television show Dragons’ Den and Ashley Walters, an actor and producer; as well as DJs Masterstepz and Hotsteppa from Choice and Ricky Haywood Williams and Shortee Blitz from Kiss FM.

Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Ball, the head of Trident, said about the new communications methods employed: “We are also using online media, text messaging and workshops as new and innovative ways to get our messages across.

“Hearing how successful people like Estelle or Tim Campbell from The Apprentice were able to make great success of their lives, without a gun, is so important for our young communities.”


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