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Avaya and Spinvox create enterprise solution

Posted by Admin on November 11, 2008

Spinvox are the guys that listen to your voicemail for you and then send it over as a text message or email. It means that straight away you know who it’s from and what they want and you don’t have to listen to it to get the number to call back. It also means you can save it and have an easy to reach record of it without having to dial in and listen again.

I must admit that sometimes the messages are ‘interesting’, especially if the person calling you has got a strong accent or there is a lot of background noise. But basically the service works well as it’s easier to read an SMS than dial in to your voicemail.

Well, now they’ve joined forces with Avaya to offer the service to companies as part of Avaya’s big enterprise solutions package thingy (they call it a ‘unified communications solution’). It means that employees on work mobiles can use the Spinvox service to read, rather than listen to messages.

The press release talks about iStar Financial as one of the first companies to use the service and Jaime King from iStar is quoted as saying: “I hear on a daily basis about how much time our users are saving now thatthey can read their voice mail messages.”

I think it’s only in the US for now.


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