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Iran bans SMS

Posted by Admin on November 10, 2008

The Mullahs in Iran have euphemistically called in putting ‘restrictions’ on SMS usage, but it seems like a ban on anyone not approved by the regime from sending a text message. Owners of mobile phones now have to go through security checks before they are allowed to use SMS and anyone “sending SMS deemed contrary to national security will be punishable by law.”

This has been reported on the website for the National Council of Resistance of Iran and as they also have a story about limb amputation for criminals, I think we can guess what the ‘rule of law’ means.

It seems that SMS has been used as a tool to organise resistance to the existing regime – something that they in turn are keen to suppress.

The article says that according to some estimates over 20 million text messages are sent per day in Iran, the bulk of those being sent between 10pm and 1am. The article states “the SMS has become a tool to exchange messages by opponents of the regime.” Maybe not for much longer.


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