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AT&T increasing rates to force people onto plans

Posted by Admin on November 10, 2008

That is the jist of what Wireless and Mobile News is saying in this post. AT&T has annouced that it will increased the cost to send or receive a text message to $0.20 for those people not on plans.

What amazes me about this is that the US market still tolerates a fee to receive a message. What if it’s spam? Or a stupid joke from a friend? Or a wrong number? Or just a message I don’t care about? Tough, they have all got to be paid for by the person receiving them. Ridiculous. Just stupid.

As for the increase in the costs … well, a lot of businesses do this to persuade people to sign up to a particular plan or deal (think about utility suppliers, or even banks that offer educed fees if you sign up to a package deal) so I have no problem with that per se. What is difficult to swallow is that this increase would see the prices rise by 100% over a 12 month period – that is prett steep.


One Response to “AT&T increasing rates to force people onto plans”

  1. AT&T is the worst company in the Universe with practices that I dare say, are borderline deceptive. A friend has AT&T service for business and his phone bill on a monthly basis is triple the plan they signed up for, even with the “unlimited” calls and such. Outrageous. And their customer dis-Service is questioned, they provide you with so much details that you end up wasting two or three hours of your day just to get a meaningful answer.

    But the SMS charges are the same for T-Mobile, for example. You receive, you pay. I subscribed to the unlimited plan when it was on special to avoid such charges. In third-world countries, there’s no charge to receiving SMS and after certain hours, even the sending prices are reduced!

    But here, AT&T has to fatten up its management…


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