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Madonna texts Guy – ‘You’re going down’

Posted by Admin on November 9, 2008

I didn’t pick up on this story from the Daily Mail last week, but apparently Madonna has been sending SMS threats to Guy Ritchie. One of them said “You’re going down”. Ritchie said to a friend:

“‘This is her idea of a joke – but it’s not funny. Imagine what it was like living with her.”

Maybe she should have just signed up with one of those services at the back of newspapers like the Daily Mail that offer to call people up with ‘hilarious’ affects. You know the ones .. they can pretend to be your mate’s boss. Madonna should have just got one of those to threaten Guy.

Actually, maybe there’s a new business angle in this – an SMS Threat service. A range of threats ranging from “You’re going down” to “You’ll be sleeping with the fishes” for a small fee. Actually, somebody, somewhere probably already offers this.


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