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Then again it was texting …

Posted by Admin on November 6, 2008

We recently wrote that SMS wins it for Obama – with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. However, it seems that the FT has reached the same conclusion – Volunteer army won battle by text messaging.

In the article, the FT interviews David Axelrod, chief strategist for Obama. The FT says that Obama’s campaign:

“… pulled together a 21st-century electoral strategy that successfully enlisted young voters, first-time voters and African-American and Latino voters. They used text messages, the internet and a network of volunteers to create a machine that overpowered John McCain’s Republicans in a series of battleground states.”

So, SMSisthenewblack was right after all – it was all down to text messages!


One Response to “Then again it was texting …”

  1. […] new trends in messaging, particularly using mobile messages for political reasons (as we’ve discussed, President-Elect Obama used them a lot), sending messages for donations to charity and enterprises […]

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