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SMS wins it for Obama

Posted by Admin on November 5, 2008

It was nothing to do with his policies, his charismatic style, the fact he remained calm under pressure and led a relatively ‘clean’ and honourable campaign, nor the fact that Americans wanted a change after eight years of an unpoular George W Bush regime. No … it was SMS that sees Barack Obama as the new President-Elect of the USA.

According to a study by Princeton and Michigan Universities, together with the US Student Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) New Voter Project Mobile Voter and Working Assets, text message reminders to new voters increased an individual’s likelihood of voting by close to five percentage points.

So there you have it. SMS wins the day.

Wait a minute, maybe it wasn’t solely down to SMS: “One campaign was known for using mobile data as a mechanism for advertising itself and that one came out on top. I am not saying it is all attributable to mobile messaging, but it does appeal the one campaign over the other in terms of reaching the youth,” said John Hurley, Product Manager at Airwide Solutions.

Ok, so it wasn’t all down to SMS – but it clearly played a part.

Obama also used Twitter and had about 121,000 subscribers that he was able to send regular tweets to. Telecom TV has a full article here.


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  1. […] again it was texting … We recently wrote that SMS wins it for Obama – with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. However, it seems that the FT has reached the same […]

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