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Family Guy mobile game

Posted by Admin on October 29, 2008

I really like Family Guy, the weird American cartoon with the talking dog and homicidal baby, so it will be interesting to see how Glu will turn it into a mobile game.

Jill Braff, senior vice president of global publishing, Glu said, “Family Guy is among the most popular animated comedies on television today and we look forward to translating the show’s hilarity and excitement within a fun, interactive, and engaging mobile experience.”

What’s going to be interesting is how playable it is and what sort of audience it appeals to.

To my mind mobile gaming is one of those markets that has never fulfilled its potential – its school report would read ‘must try harder.’ For a while it looked as though mobile gaming would be massively popular and make everyone involved in the sector richer than Iceland (actually, they probably are right now).

Mobile gaming seemed to be at its peak when games like Tetris ruled the download charts – it was about giving consumers brands they recognised, and creating games that could be ‘snacked on’, in a format that was right for the mobile. However two things seemed to happen to the industry.

The first was that the well-known brands became aware that they could make money in the mobile sphere and pushed up the price of the licences, eventually making them too expensive.

The second was that many operators and developers wanted to keep pushing the curve and raced ahead to get the next shoot-em-up title or latest bit of technical wizardry (3D or real-time).

Of course there were also problems with the downloads costs and the placement on the operators’s decks, but that main problem seemed to be that the mobile gaming industry was chasing after the console gaming market – inevitably leaving behind the mass market of consumers. It meant that they chased after an audience that was never likely to accept them, while leaving behind an audience that would and could have been incredibly loyal.

Things do seem to be getting better and there are a number of more mass appeal titles and simpler games around now. I wonder if Family Guy will be one of them.


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