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Five ‘Truths’ about texting

Posted by Admin on October 28, 2008

Palringo CEO Kerry Ritz is quoted in an article on Cell Phones Blog announcing five truths about text messages. I think he’s got a couple of them wrong, but before we go into that, here they are:

  1. “Americans text more than they talk. According to CNET News and a report from the CTIA (the wireless industry’s trade association), text usage has increased 160 percent in the U.S. since [2007] despite a doubling in what carriers charge for text messages.”
  2. Txting may not be gr8 for UR grades. While it’s debatable whether texting can be harmful to the development of social and language skills, it’s certainly true that SMS spelling and punctuation can be addictive. Your English teacher won’t be happy if your term paper looks like one big text message.”
  3. “Believe it or not, there are people who just don’t like to text.”
  4. “The game of telephone is not just limited to the telephone. By the time a text message gets passed from friend ‘A’ to friend ‘B’ to friend ‘Z,’ it might not be what you intended.”
  5. “The really important things you need to share in life require more than text messages.”

For point 3 – he is of course correct about that. However, what he infers is that those people would like to use another method of communication. Unless he means voice, then I think he’s wrong about that.

For points 4 & 5 – well we kinda covered this in yesterday’s post about the emotional meaning getting through on texts.


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